Tampere City Region is a sustainable growth metropolis spanning eight municipalities and 0.4 million residents.

We are carrying out the most effective regional cooperation in Finland to improve the daily lives of our residents and the future of our region is sustainable. Together, we will build an international, carbon neutral city region. 

The Tampere city region consists of the city of Tampere, the towns of Kangasala, Nokia, Orivesi and Ylöjärvi, and the municipalities of Lempäälä, Pirkkala and Vesilahti. Tampere City Region is an attractive growth center with many advantages, such as easy access by train, car and airplane.  

Our unique strength is our strong intercommunal cooperation. Together, the municipalities of Tampere City Region can develop and provide better services. We are working for a strong and competitive environment for businesses, a sustainable structure for growth, and a livable and lively community. The inhabitants of the Tampere city region benefit from regional cooperation in many ways. For example, day care and school services are available regardless of the administrative borders between municipalities, and you can commute in the region with just one ticket. 

Subregional strategy and Structural Plan 2040  form the basis for the cooperation. Intercommunal cooperation is organized by the joint authority of Tampere City Region and is funded by the municipalities of the City Region. 

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